Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do it?  

     How do I do what?  LOL! I have been working with dogs, cat and horses for many years.  Photographing them for almost nine years now.  I have had numerous dogs (Brandy, Bea, Polo, Daisy, Bear, Moose, Gromit and now Dot) a few horses (Cody, Quest and a Standardbred Trotter mare - and my little colt Chester) and one silly cat in my life since adulthood. I spent a few years in the pet care industry learning as much as I could about animal behavior and care and I learned a lot from my own critters. I love photographing dogs, cats, horses...and over the years have learned so much about them and what makes them who they are.  They are all individuals,  something that works great with one animal may not work at all with another. The biggest and most important tool in my bag is patience. I absolutely love what I do, so much so, time stands still for me.


What if my dog does not behave?  

     Don't worry.  As I mentioned above, I have been doing this for a while and I have a LOT of patience! Along with a few tricks.


When will my gallery be ready?  

     Your purchase session will be ready in approximately two weeks.  We will make this appointment at our photography session.


Can I purchase digital files?

     Yes, we do sell our digital files.  We know that not everyone is going to want prints.  Our digital files are the same price as our photographic prints because it takes us the same amount of time to perfect them, whether for print or digital format.  We also offer digital packages at discounted rates.


How long will a studio session last?

     The length of a studio session will be usually no less than an hour, but sometimes a bit more.  It is usually dictated by your dog.  The total amount of photographic time will vary.


How long will a beach/location session last?

     A Beach session can last a few hours.  We do a lot of walking and talking and playing and chasing and we get our exercise too.  Beach walks are the best so we enjoy them! Our location sessions can also take a few hours.  This will all depend on where we will be going.