Meet Diane

Hi I'm Diane Costello, I am a Fine Art Portrait Photographer and I specialize in Dogs.  I am located in beautiful Half Moon Bay, California. I hold a Master of Photography degree and I am a Certified Professional Photographer through Professional Photographers of America, I'm also a wife, sister, friend and Dot's mom (you'll meet her later).


My personal life is a great blend with my business life. I have been photographing people, places and things for almost 20 years now and I still love the process. I love photography. I love light. I love color.  My original focus in photography started with Fine Art Landscapes and Still Life, primarily in black and white using traditional film (the digital era had not quite been fully accepted yet). Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would move over to the portrait side of photography...never ever imagined I would be spending my days working with and photographing dogs and their people...I love what I do and am very passionate about those special portraits.  The goofy expressions, the serious look, the bright eyes and wagging tails of your dog, those quiet moments of complete and unconditional love between you and your dog.  Over the past few years I have started playing with and photographing more and more using, of all things, FILM. Black and white in particular. These portraits are so amazing and truly one of a kind. I am not "converting a digital file", I am making your pet portrait with a medium format film camera using black and white film. Stay tuned for more in the realm of Black and white.


Why dogs you ask?


The adventure started when I decided to leave high tech/corporate america and give up the two to three hours a day in commute traffic. Not long after that big step, we had to say goodbye to our 14 year old Rottie "Bear". It was heartbreaking and the house was really quite for about 10 months. On December 27, 2008 we brought home our 8 week old baby Boxer Gromit, the game changer. The absolute cutest little pudgy puppy you had ever seen. I fell head over heals for this lug head. He tried every ounce of patience I had at times, but he also taught me so very much, both about dogs and about me. He taught me that when working with dogs one can NEVER have too much patience. As both student and teacher he and I conquered so very much in his short 7 years. He lost his battle with cancer the beginning of 2016. This time was devastating, so much so, that I had contemplated closing up my business, I just didn't feel that I could do it anymore but even though he was no longer physically here, he wouldn't let me.


Gromit was my muse and my model and it was with his help that Fog Dog Studios came to be. He will forever be a part of who I am today as both a person, dog mom and photographer. I have thousands of photos of him (10's of thousands of photos) and he inspires me everyday. Here are just a few of my absolute favorites are below.


One day shy of two months after Gromit crossed the rainbow bridge, Dot was born. (Check out her story) I have another story there and because of what happened, I am a firm believer that Gromit sent Dot to me!  A whole different challenge as she is a whopping 12 pounds.